Ultimate Dab Vaporizer Pen


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There are countless ways to vaporize/smoke Cannabis-based dab/wax products, but by far the best way is to use this Dap Pen. This pen is extremely easy to use, simply touch the heating element to wax/shatter/hash (or whatever else you’re smoking), breathe in, and automatically you’ll get a clean and strong hit. Not only that, but since this Dab Pen is only activated while breathing, it prevents any loss of product, and is the most efficient way to smoke/vape in the world.

Also, this Dab Pen comes with a USB charging cord, so you can plug it right into your computer or car when it needs to be recharged, and it comes with an extra coil.

FYI, this dab pen is the perfect thing to use in combination with Herbal Flames’ CBG Wax Dabs and CBD Wax Dabs.

On a final note, Dab Pens like this typically cost $100 online and even more in stores, since they are such a futuristic and high tech way of smoking/vaping. Here at Amazing Botanicals the Dab Pen only costs $69.99, and you won’t find a cheaper price anywhere else.

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